Art for Thought

It would be a no-brainer today to say that the world is lacking in beauty and happiness. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our lives. So many people have lost their jobs. So many people have succumbed to the plague. So much despair colours the air. In all of this turmoil, it is not only easy to believe that there is no light at the end of the tunnel but also stupid to think that happiness can be more than a dream.

Nevertheless, we know that we cannot give in to the demons that beset the path of our whole species. We already know that we must give ourselves hope. For without hope there can be no survival. But the question is how? How can we overcome our human limitations? How do we convince a mind so affected by malaise to believe in a better tomorrow?

The answer lies in art. Art is the yearning of the human soul for something greater than itself. Art screams out to every human being out there that no matter how small they may be, they’re capable of wonderful things. Art is salvation for our restless minds in these times, when our bodies stay caged within four walls. 

We need art not just in some magnificent Da Vinci painting, but in every-day items: small but necessary things which remind us that life is worth living and that all is not lost. It is here that Vantheshoe comes to our aid. This small start-up, run by a charming young lady, by definition, refuses to give up on the soul of humanity. With charming floral prints and vivacious colours on all kinds of items like handbags, phone covers, and so on, Vantheshoe reminds you that this pandemic cannot take away the beauty that is within you.

No, this is not just some pithy advertorial trying to sell you a product by exploiting your deeper unhappiness. Rather, it is a heartfelt article telling you about the work of someone who is genuinely interested in giving you something that you can truly cherish. We are here not to sell Vantheshoes’s products, but to tell you why at all they are worth buying. In other words, we’re here in true solidarity with the depth of human feeling.

Thus, we implore you to explore Vantheshoe’s products, to appreciate the designs and the hours of work that have gone into making them. We will not ask you to buy the products, that would be presumptuous, but we will ask you to see for yourselves that in every mobile cover, in every handbag, every coaster, there is the soul of an artist trapped inside waiting to be adored by the right person.



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