A Pubcast on the Indian Economy

The second of The Pangean’s pubcasts is with Mr Achyut Chandra, an MSME businessman engaged in the field of manufacturing printing and packaging solutions. Mr Chandra is the Chairman of the New Market Development Committee of the Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers’ Association of India, an umbrella organisation of box manufacturing organisations in India. He’s also the current Vice-President of the Corrugated Box Manufacturers’ Association of Eastern India and is an active member of the Bharat Chambers of Commerce. The pubcast with Mr Chandra is in two parts: Part I (00:00) - an on-ground overview of what is going wrong with the Indian economy, i.e. the current slowdown, and a brief overview of the state of the MSME sector, in particular Part II (37:26) - a vision for India’s economy, including a broad roadmap for future prosperity and for unleashing the potential of India’s small businesses Your browser does not support the audio element.