The Bright Side of Sharing Our Data

In recent times, there has been a wave of anger towards companies which use individual data without his or her knowledge. Campaigns like #OwnYourData, #MEGA and most recently, the movie documentary The Great Hack have brought the issue to the limelight.

I won’t argue that there is no malicious use of personal data, I would like to show that though there are some cases where data is used for ‘nefarious’ - I quote nefarious because it is subjective to each individual - purposes on a whole, the tool known as data analytics has brought far more benefits than harm to society…

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*This session was recorded at Qworky Academy on 14th August 2021 and moderated by Kheeran Naidu


Kheeran Naidu

An avid learner who is currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Bristol.

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