Parenting the Internet Generation

The modern world is changing at an unprecedented rate. The challenges faced by today’s parents are no exception. With the rise of technologies such as the internet and social media, how will this affect new generations of children who never knew a world before these became quintessential parts of our everyday lives? How will this affect their parents?

To answer these questions, we discuss with our guest, Tracy Ho. She is the principal of Hils Learning, a centre that specialises in the development and learning support of children with special needs.

Listen to the full session here:

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*This session was recorded at Qworky Academy on 11th September 2021 and moderated by Avinash Naidu


Avinash Naidu

I grew up wanting to be a Chiropractor, Studied Statistics and then worked in IT. A curious mind always looking for a new adventure. Currently starting my own solutions company to increase the take up rate of automation in Malaysia.

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