Is Hollywood the Perfect Fit for Superstar Bryce Harper?

The end of baseball season is the time when all diehard fans settle on watching football for a few months. A long 152 days until baseball rolls back around. But that time in the offseason is one of the most important for a franchise.

The offseason is when general managers, scouts, and other team personnel come together to talk about the future of their organization. Trades and new contracts are the most important part of the offseason for a general manager. And with every MLB team having one or more superstars, it has been a wild offseason for trading.

The biggest buzz that has been circling around MLB is where Bryce Harper is going to be cleating up to start the 2019 season. As one of the star names in professional baseball, and arguably the biggest free agent this offseason, everyone is hoping that their general manager is keeping an eye out for the 26-year-old phenom.

Can the Dodgers make the best case for Harper?

Harper, who is now a free agent after an 8-year contract with the Washington Nationals, is looking for a new city to call home. Being a 7-time All-Star with only 8 seasons under his belt makes it obvious that he will have an immediate impact on any team that he joins. Many teams in the MLB are making trades and moves to adjust their lineup for someone like Harper, but none have made a splash like the Los Angeles Dodgers.

With back to back World Series appearances, the Dodgers have been making their mark on the MLB in recent years. But in mid-December, the Dodgers traded two powerhouse outfields to the Cincinnati Reds.

3-time All-Star, 2-time Gold Glover, and 2-time Silver Slugger, Matt Kemp is a known face for Los Angeles. He played his first 9 seasons with the Dodgers and made it to the All-Star Game last season with them.

Yasiel Puig is another big name for Los Angeles as he has geared up for the Dodgers in all 6 of his professional seasons. In that time he has had an All-Star selection and was runner up for the Rookie of the Year award.

Both Puig and Kemp are outfielders, so it is obvious that the Dodgers’ staff are trying to open the outfield up. Whether they are doing so for Harper or not is not clear yet.

The Dodgers are desperately looking for an opportunity to get that World Series Ring in October, and maybe Harper is the man they need leading the charge.


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