Uncomfortable Parallels: The Revenge of the Anglophone Elites

The political elite of the United States, in the form of Democrats in the Congress, Democrats in the media, and jealous Republicans in the political establishment, are all upset that the people rejected them in favour of a populist man with zero political experience or connections, and have now united together for the first time since the bomb that was the Mueller testimony to try and overturn the election of 2016. They have announced they will support the impeachment of the American President, although House Speaker Pelosi’s ‘announcement’ of an ‘impeachment inquiry’ thus far has no actual effect because there hasn’t been a vote taken in the House on the issue. However, by September 26, 2019, there were 217 Democrats announcing they’d vote in favour of such an inquiry plus former Republican Justin Amash of Michigan, giving the majority of 218 needed if a vote were brought to the floor. So what did the bad orange man do that finally pushed a majority of the oldest democratic legislative body in the world to declare their official attempts to prematurely remove the chief executive, elected independently of themselves by the people? He talked to a foreign president about trying to end corruption in said President’s nation.

Yes, a majority of members of the US House of Representatives want to now overturn an election of over 120,000,000 voters and 538 electors because the President that process produced talked to President Vladimir Zelensky of Ukraine to ask him what he was doing to fight corruption. Nothing about threats, nothing about money, and nothing about the election. In fact, while the media and the left all across the world have been screaming about the ‘fact’ that there is a ‘coverup’ or that there was ‘quid pro quo’ or even ‘election interference’ in the form of investigating Trump’s ‘opponent’, they have completely missed that the transcript of the call in question was released and says nothing of the sort. Joe Biden is not Trump’s opponent and there is corruption in the Ukraine that Trump wants to look at, which could possibly include Vice President Joe Biden actually withholding money from Ukraine until they fired a prosecutor looking into a company involving his son, Hunter. Finally, and probably most importantly, not a single mention of aid appears, nor are there any threats. In total, it is a nothingburger, but the leftists in all spheres, from media to Congress, have organised to move forward in the next attempt to throw out the president for the crime of winning the 2016 election.

This could very well spell trouble for the Democrats in 2020, with Speaker Pelosi going so far as to say “we have to impeach him, even if it means we lose the House in 2020.” The left knows very well the fire it is playing with and this will most likely backfire on them gloriously. However, for the time being, they are playing their hand and doing everything they can to ensure that Trump is taken out somehow. While this effort is doomed to fail like previous efforts, to see them so united in such a hostile manner, essentially unmasking themselves for the radicals they really are, it becomes clear how big the fight for the future of the United States and its culture will be in the coming years. They don’t just want to get rid of Trump, but they would also like to force everyone who supported him to witness his overthrow as an example of what happens when you upset their little club by getting uppity and thinking you should have a voice in government. That type of mentality leads to dark roads and must be rejected and defeated at every turn.

Which brings me across the pond to Britain, going through its own democratic crisis due to its own 2016 middle finger to the elites, Brexit. Since that day, the elite Remainers in all parties had been fighting long and hard to overturn the results, however they just could not unite to do it. Not that Brexiteers in power have been the most united, however, their message has been consistent throughout: deliver Brexit with a good deal or leave the EU on World Trade Organisation rules two years after the invocation of Article 50. Theresa May, a Remainer at heart, extended the current deadline of October 31 due to her abysmal withdrawal treaty suffering three humiliating defeats in the House of Commons before the original deadline. So when she was finally deposed and more upbeat, can do, ‘we will leave, do or die’ Boris Johnson took her place, it seemed things would be going okay for the Brexiteers, and Remainers would finally be on the path to the dustbin of history.

Then the Parliament first met under PM Johnson and votes started happening, after his announcement of the prorogation of Parliament to put a fresh Queen’s Speech down and finally end the longest Parliament since the Rump Parliament during the English Civil War. This reasonable request was met by Remainer elites in the media, Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, Scottish National Party, and bitter, anti democratic, Conservatives with screeches of “Stop the coup” and “this is a dictatorship.” They declared the reduction of the session by four days was designed to take away debate for the apocalypse they think would be a no-deal Brexit. The fact that they have been debating and fear-mongering on for over three years at this point has not seemed to occur to them.

Next came the fact that PM Johnson started losing every vote put to the floor, including one which effectively called for the formation of a new government by the back door and was made a motion of confidence in the Conservative Party, and resulted in the loss of the majority to where it currently stands at -44. Because of the ungovernability of such a position, Johnson asked for an election to be had under the Fixed Terms Parliaments Act…twice. Both times, it was rejected by the opposition and the former Conservative members of Parliament. They then claimed it was undemocratic what Johnson was doing and they would not abide so long as no-deal was still an option. Their rejection of an election was hailed by their friends in the media as them standing up to the declared disdain for democracy Johnson supposedly has.

Prorogation finally went into effect, however, and the legal battles were to continue on whether the PM had to seek an extension. Then came the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, squarely and officially inserting themselves into the political process by declaring the entire thing unlawful and ordering Parliament back. They did come back, just to further show their absolute ineffectiveness as they currently stand. They have essentially thrown out the government and inserted themselves as the government without asking the people or through a motion of no-confidence. They continue to reject an election to be held because they know the people can see right through their nonsense and would reject them at the ballot box for this. However, like in America, they currently have united and will work tirelessly to show to the people who dared vote against them in 2016 that they are to never rise up and do it again—a state-of-affairs that could be fatal to the deal negotiated by Johnson.

The Anglophone leftist/Remainer elites are now a united force once again, reinvigorated by a media class who have as much an interest in overturning the greatest political mandate in British history and the biggest electoral upset in modern American history. They have the reigns of government for the time being in both nations and are ramping up their efforts to put down these uprisings once and for all, presumably as one final big push as they know they will lose. In their desperate last grasps at power, they do not care if they destroy the greatest democratic organisations in the world. They will lie about those who dared choose Brexit or Trump. They will destroy the lives of anybody who helped in making those momentous occasions to happen. They will only be emboldened if they are able to complete their missions in destroying the idea of democratic governance. We must not let them do so. They need to be soundly rejected and defeated at the ballot box and need to be stopped from overturning previous election results they do not like. If we fail to do so, the uncomfortable parallels between the two great Anglophone nations will go from uncomfortable to disastrous.


Sam Valk

A 23 year old thinker with the political acumen and hair of an octogenarian

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