From Friday Night Lights to National Champion, What’s Next for Trevor Lawrence?

Just a little over a year ago, a quarterback in Cartersville, Georgia was the #2 overall ranked high school QB in the nation. A couple weeks later, that same quarterback broke the record for career touchdown passes in Georgia.

While you might not have known his name a year ago, you most definitely know it now. Trevor Lawrence has proved, as a 19-year-old freshman, that the Clemson Tigers have a new sheriff in town.

Although he did not come into the season as the starting QB, Lawrence took over the job only 3 weeks into the season. He immediately lit up the scoreboards and stats sheets with 5 passing touchdowns in his first two games.

Leading the Clemson Tigers to an undefeated, CFP Championship winning season, Lawrence quickly proved that he is ready for college football. He is the first true freshman quarterback to win the CFP National Championship in over 30 years.

Some analysts say that Lawrence is already showing NFL level talent despite only being in his freshman year. He had a 30 touchdown season with only 4 interceptions. Along with the big arm, his accuracy was dead-on all season with a completion rate of 65.2 percent.

This young man still has 2 maybe 3 years left in his college career. Also, Clemson have multiple true freshman threats at receiver helping Lawrence out. Coach Dabo Swinney said all season that this team was special, and they proved it in the playoffs.

One can only wonder what will happen to Trevor Lawrence once his college career is over. Does he have the skills to make it to the NFL? Or will he be another bust like many of the other college quarterback superstars in recent history?

Looking back on what Trevor Lawrence has done so far, it’s difficult to see him becoming a bust. As previously mentioned, he held the number 2 spot among the nation’s high school quarterbacks in his senior year. Because of this many people knew he would be good but were not sure exactly how he would fare in college.

He proved that he was ready for a college defense, as he embarrassed the Syracuse defense in his first start with a 97.6 quarterback rating and a 194 passing yard game. And with at least two more years of growth, a coach and teammates with 100% confidence behind him (as well as a brand-new ring) Lawrence’s prime is yet to come.

All stats from: https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/


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