Super Bowl LIII: Old School vs. The New Age

It all comes down to this. 266 games played in the NFL to decide one matchup. It’s the game in which legacies are built, legends are made, and cities are given hope. It’s the Super Bowl.

The journey to this game could not of been more opposite for these two teams. A team that is trying to build on their incredible dynasty vs. a team that is trying to start one of their own. The best coach in NFL history vs. the best young coach football has ever seen. The best quarterback to ever set foot on a field vs. a young buck that wants to show the world that he’s the next big thing at the quarterback position. The classic David vs. Goliath story. Its experience vs. youth, East Coast vs. West Coast, Belichick vs. McVay, Brady vs. Goff, The New England Patriots vs. The Los Angeles Rams.

On February 3rd these two teams will meet up in Atlanta to battle for the Lombardi Trophy and the right to call themselves World Champions. Playing in Football’s most coveted game isn’t new to the Patriots. This will be Tom Brady’s and Bill Belichick’s ninth Super Bowl together in which they have a previous record of 5-3. For the Rams this will be their first Super Bowl appearance since 2002 when they lost to the Patriots, which actually kick started the Brady and Belichick Patriots dynasty. Like most players on this team this will be the first time Goff and McVay have played on football’s biggest stage. So, the experience factor definitely goes toward the Patriots.

Enough about the past, let’s look at the current teams. Both of these teams are stacked on the offensive side of things. The Los Angeles Rams have the third ranked offense in the NFL putting up 32.9 points per game and averaging 421.1 total yards per game. They have dynamic playmakers in running back Todd Gurley (1,251 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns) and wide receiver Brandin Cooks (1,204 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns). At QB they have Jared Goff who is an incredible young quarterback posting a 101.1 QB rating for the season. The man behind the play calling is the best offensive mind football has ever seen, head coach Sean McVay.

The Patriots aren’t too far behind the Rams offensively. New England has the fourth ranked offense in the NFL racking up 27.2 points per game and a steady 393.4 yards per game. The Patriots have a veteran receiving core lead by future Hall of Famer Rob Gronkowski and the elusive wide receiver Julian Edelman. Both were huge factors in the AFC championship helping Brady convert on many key third downs. The Patriots also have a great running back committee led by Sony Michel who is having a fantastic postseason finding the end zone 5 times already and racking up 242 yards in just two games. And of course, this team is led by arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady.

Defensively these teams aren’t as strong. The Rams have the nineteenth ranked defense in the NFL (358.6 yards per game) and the Patriots have the twenty first (359.1 yards per game). But the difference between the two teams’ defenses are the playmakers that the Rams possess. They got straight dudes on the defensive side. LA has two great interior linemen in Ndamukong Suh and the defensive player of the year Aaron Donald (led the NFL with 20.5 sacks). To complement their front seven, they have Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters, two veteran cornerbacks who have come up big in this postseason.

Like every Super Bowl that the Patriots have played in, we are bound to have a very competitive and entertaining game. Looking at the rosters the Rams have by far the best team. But the Patriots aren’t built on having a team full of stars, they never have been. They play brilliantly as a team rather than individuals. They have the richest history in the NFL and the system that Belichick has created makes it impossible not to succeed. They have more experience than anybody in NFL history. That’s why Tom Brady should get his sixth ring. The New England Patriots are the safer bet to repeat history and defeat the Rams in the Super Bowl again.

All stats via Pro-football-reference.com


Jacob Jones

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