The Arrival of the New Wave Generational Quarterbacks: What Will They Possibly Bring?

The centerpiece of any NFL team is the quarterback and a new wave of quarterbacks is on the verge of taking over. Over the next few years or so, the NFL is going to undergo a transition phase that, some purists say, has been long-awaited.

Hall of Fame shoe-ins like Tom Brady and Drew Brees only have a couple years left in the tank at most. Other legendary quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger are also very soon expected to bring down curtains on their illustrious careers.

All of these Super Bowl winning quarterbacks have always been the focal points in the media year after year after year. With age and injury combining forcefully to put an ultimate end date on all of their careers, the NFL needs new quarterbacks to fill the spotlight and it needs them soon.

Are we going to see a new wave of elite quarterbacks?

The answer is quite possibly. New, explosive offenses are being led by young quarterbacks and they have taken the league by storm. Collegiate, pass-heavy offenses are quickly being adopted by NFL offensive coordinators because of the sense of familiarity they present to rookie quarterbacks.

Aside from the breathtaking 2018-2019 season Drew Brees had, Patrick Mahomes stole the show during his second year in the league and first year as a starter for the Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes threw over 50 touchdown passes which has only ever been done twice, by Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

Along with Patrick Mahomes, Jared Goff has found his home in Los Angeles with the Rams. Goff led the Rams to back to back NFC West division championships and will be the solidified quarterback for the Rams when they finally move into their new multi-billion dollar stadium.

In the 2018-2019 NFL season the Rams and Chiefs stole the show because of their explosive, pass-heavy offense and it led them to division championships. After 16 games, both Mahomes and Goff showcased their tremendous talents, but it also proved that there is a new formula to winning in the National Football League. And what the heart of that formula comprises of is, to say the least, simple. A new, young quarterback.

Will the league be out of Hall of Fame Quarterbacks’ soon?

Once the greats in the league today retire in a few short years, Mahomes, Mayfield, and even Jared Goff will most likely be referred to as the best in the game. In their young careers, these three quarterbacks have broken records that nobody in their sane mind saw coming. Mahomes is the youngest quarterback to throw for 50 touchdowns and 5,000 passing yards in a single season. Baker Mayfield has resurrected the dysfunctional Browns franchise by breaking the record for most passing touchdowns as a rookie. And if they stick to what has provided them with initial success, they can only get better along the way.

Will the newcomers surpass the veterans?

Cam Newton and Matt Ryan have solidified starting jobs with their respected teams, and they both have had similar success. Both quarterbacks won an MVP award and each made a trip to a Super Bowl, and they both came up short. Now, a couple years removed from their prime, injury and other internal issues have crippled the success of both quarterbacks.

Other notable quarterbacks who have a lot of experience in the league but do not qualify as championship-caliber players include Matt Stafford, Ryan Tannehill and Andy Dalton. They have combined for seven playoff appearances and still have yet to win one. With young quarterbacks embracing leadership and implementing new fast paced offenses, veteran quarterbacks like these three are becoming irrelevant faster than expected.

With all said and happening, it’s a very, very exciting time for the National Football League and the fans only hope they get to witness some high-quality skills out there. Onward and upward.


Tyler Pesavento

Currently studying broadcast journalism at the University of Arizona. Coming from the Bay Area, I have had an interest in all major American sports.

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