A Drunk Parable of The Tech Age

The first of The Pangean’s pubcasts is with Dr Miranda Mowbray, a Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Bristol. After having graduated from the University of Cambridge and completing her PhD in Mathematics at Queen Mary University of London, Dr Mowbray gained several years of experience in industry and is now pursuing research into data science for cybersecurity, and ethics for big data.

In this podcast, Harsh Tiwari and Reuben Pritchard sit down with Dr Miranda Mowbray and, over lunch and a couple of pints, discuss some pressing matters surrounding the age of technology. Listen below to part 1 of the full uncut recording or skip ahead to the following topics of interest:

  1. Introduction (00:00),
  2. Technology as a replacement for human interaction (01:00),
  3. Technology in business and politics (20:03), or
  4. The accessibility of technology (35:42).

Harsh Tiwari

I am a law student with wide-ranging interests who founded this newspaper with his friends to grow and be a better twenty-something.


Reuben Pritchard

Over-privileged Englishman. You''ll love me when I'm dead.

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